Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks


If only she'd told him about her hot date with the hot waiter. She didn't and CC (that's Central Character) had no choice but to push his swinger wife off The Bridge — it's only murder, right?

But, as if the guilt, the dreams and the endless puking wasn't bad enough, CC finds himself mixed up with the Skype Psychologist ('You murdered your wife? Had exactly the same thing with a gentleman last week.'), Controversial Kate (the world's first Gay, Irish Republican, Cross-Dressing Comedian), Beardy (who only wants to stop people jumping from The Bridge and fails miserably), the beautiful Nail Girl, and not to mention the cool, the mysterious and very, very frightening Danny … but we said not to mention Danny.

It's all enough to put you off your beer and cheesychips.

Sky Williams