London Loves

14 Nov 2018

‘Tired of London, tired of life.’

‘A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.’

‘I think London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics.’

‘London loves the way people just fall apart.’

Pepys, anon, Weisz, Blur…

I agree with all of them but it’s that last one that got me this last weekend. 

I remember the day I quit London for good.  Plain, cheap food, could never afford to go out, another fine on the underground.  “Fuck this! I’m going home.”  Maybe that’s why people swear a lot more down there.


Cut 3 - Irish Bar & Contraversial Kate

28 Aug 2018

I love Controversial Kate. I nearly managed to sell her as an idea for a TV drama to a guy who looks for new writers at the BBC but I missed a big emotional hit idea by a few seconds and really don’t know how to write a screen play.  However this is a section I spent a lot of time on but in the end was cut.  It explores this cross dressing Irish Republicans stand-up comedian characters some more.  I also had to make up a sectarian song to replace the real ones so that there were no copy right problems.  I never put it into this version in the end so it is listed at the end.  I’ve never actually been in an Irish Bar unless you count bars in Ireland.  (last time I was there I broke a chair, but that’s another story.)

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23 Aug 2018

Picture: me as Elvita Adams, the woman who survived jumping off the Empire State Building

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Where does that silly title come from?  Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks.  Well you know I should have given it a great deal of thought and come up with something that captured exactly what was going on in the story.  It should have been a big deal.  But that’s not exactly how it came out.

I had hoped that my wife would suddenly come up with a brain wave as she had done for Theatre on the Run, when a group of half dozen local professional theatre companies got together to take people through a theatre trip around Derby during Feste. The title was perfect because then the photo-shoot could all be based on the cover of Wings Band on the Run.  Which fitted perfectly with such a variety of performers.  But alas it never came for my novel.


People Climbing Trees

14 Aug 2018

“I didn’t know anybody climbed trees anymore.  That takes me back.”
The author of The Tree Climbers Guide,  Jack Cooke, would I imagine have been pretty smug to hear that the first comment by the first person, a fellow dog walker in his 50’s, that Austin and I bump into, say this to us, as we are climbing trees.  It’s exactly what the author was talking about.