Photography by  Hollie Wilson

Photography by Hollie Wilson

Ashley Lloyd Smith is an award winning writer, director and actor.  He has had his plays performed on three continents and now has his first novel published, Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks.

Ashley Lloyd Smith’s writing includes short stories, micro stories, children’s stories, blogging, plays and novels.  

Ashey’s background is theatre, which he has directed, acted or written for in North America, Africa and Europe.  

Recently he co-founded Writing for Children Writers Group at Quad, Derby and has been short-listed in a number of literary prizes.

His much anticipated first novel is out now.


Ashley’s background is in theatre; writing, directing and acting.  He is a Drama graduate of Aberystwyth University and post graduate of the University of Surrey.  His plays have been performed on three continents.

He started writing his first published novel, Pizza with Jimbob & Twoforks, whilst on a romantic Valentine’s weekend staying in a Tipi; about a man who murders his wife, regrets it and searches for salvation.

His second novel, How I earned my Midpoint bumper sticker, takes on the growing waves of anti-feminist propaganda through the friendship of a promiscuous Canadian stand-up comedienne and an English stay-at-home husband, on a road trip through America.  

He has written over a hundred micro stories (seventy words or less) and performs these and his other writings around the Midlands.

He has also written a number of children’s novels, based on those he has told his son and friends.   

Ashley blogs on theatre, writing, social issues and his wife’s ambition to walk the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.


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